Thursday, 16 January 2014

Fish, Chips and Trocadero

So last Saturday Elliot (The Boyfriend) and I went to a cool little Fish and Chips restaurant in Covent Garden. For those who are Groupon Addicts like myself, you may have seen a voucher on there for a fish and chips meal for £6. I've been seeing it for ages, but wondered whether it would be worth buying... I live under the rule that if you are going to have traditional fish and chips, it has to be a REAL TRADITIONAL FISH AND CHIPS! I completely forgot to take pictures of the place and food, but this me in the restaurant. I will link their Facebook page below and also the Groupon voucher. I had the "Big Ben" which is chips, cod and battered tiger prawns.
We then went to Trocadero... Last time we visited Troc, I beat Elliot at the basketball game and car racing games, he has been determined to beat me ever since. OK, he managed to beat me at the basketball this time, but I again beat him at the racing game AND ice hockey. Yes, we do get a little bit competitive.
On the train home there was a guy singing loudly, he didn't have the greatest singing voice and it was obvious that people on the train were finding him annoying, especially when he tried serenading people. It was funny. Elliot and I took these pics on the way home.
Quick Outfit Shot:
LINKS: Groupon - expires 8 April: Groupon Voucher - London Fish and Chips Facebook page: London Fish and Chips

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