Saturday, 5 April 2014

March Favourites

Hey My Lovelies!

Happy April!... Oh doesn't time fly!
Sorry I'm a few days late doing this post, it's been a crazy week. So this is my first "favourites" post and I've been looking forward to it.  It's a very small "favourites" post as I don't really have many favourites from last month... But here's a few that made the list :)

I've never brought anything from GOSH before, but I found these Velvet Touch Lipsticks in 60 - Lambada and 159 - Boheme. I've only worn the purple one so far, but it is amazingly smooth and creamy, which I like from a lipstick. The colours are vibrant and to be honest, I just like the casing, it's pretty sleek. However, my only negative comment is that it doesn't stay on for as long as I would like.
I also got Rimmel's Colour Rush in red and I love it. I've pretty much seen this everywhere and everyone has been on about it. It feels like I'm using a crayon on my lips, which feels unnatural... but it's so easy to apply and the finish is gorgeous. The vibrancy of the colour is amazing.
I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I popped into Superdrugs and got some new nail polish. These are two that I'm loving at the moment, I just find them so pretty and cute to wear. They are Sweetie Crush by Rimmel. They are a sugary texture, so it actually does look like candy on your fingernails! It's such a nice and easy apply, and even with the first coat, the colour stands out a lot. I got them in 'Blueberry Whizz' and 'Candyfloss Cutie'.

For ages, I've been trying to find a face wash that really does the trick. I've used so many different face wash and exfoliating products, but never found any that works for my skin type. They are often to harsh on my sensitive skin, dries out my skin or does nothing at all to give me the bright and clear complexion I'm seeking. My friend recently recommended 'Simple' to me. I started off with the face wash and I loved how gentle it was on my skin and did not dry out my face at all. I then I bought the anti-blemish cream and the toner, which are both working wonders for me. I only bought them last weekend and I'm already seeing a noticeable difference. My skin is a lot smoother and clearer.

Okay, I know this is weird... but I have a serious obsession with 'smellies'. Anything that gives off a beautiful fragrance and I'm hooked! I love candles and diffusers. I recently popped into Joy and I stood in the shop just sniffing this candle for about 7 minutes... yes, I looked like a weirdo. It smells so... wow! I don't have words to describe how amazing it smells. The scent is called "Pink Lemonade" and it cost £12. The jar itself is adorable. I've decided not to light it yet until I move into my new place, but it doesn't stop me from sniffing it every now and again.

If you read my Liebster Award post, I mentioned that I want to do a lot more travelling in the near future. I brought this book from Oliver Bonas, whilst waiting for my train home. Basically, it's 36 hours stay in various locations across Europe and guides you on the best places to visit, history, culture and a lot more. I think it's such a excellent idea. I don't necessarily plan to follow the book down to the last letter, but I brought it as guidance on places to go when I do start travelling.

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Have a Good Weekend!
Ri x

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