Monday, 24 February 2014

Dinner on the River

On Saturday, we went to the Shard and for a Thames River cruise. Elliot found a great deal on Virgin Experience Days.
The view of London from the Shard was spectacular, it's brilliant how you can see so much. The only thing I would say is if you got the money, go there for dinner as having a look at the view does not last very long.

After the Shard, we made our way over to Westminster Pier for the Thames River cruise.
I have a bit of a fear of being in water, so I was a little nervous about going on a boat on the Thames... Titanic kept replaying in my mind. But to be honest, once I got over my fear, I really loved the cruise.

When we boarded, our starters and champagne was already waiting on our table. The food was good. I enjoyed my starter and dessert the most. For a starter we had salmon and prawns. The main was very basic, chicken, mushroom sauce and baby potatoes. But is was still very nice. My favourite was the dessert (which I enjoyed so much, I forgot to take a picture of it... silly me!). It was a chocolate fondant with raspberry coulis. Yum!

The entertainment was fantastic. A lady sang a few love songs and popular musical numbers. At one point everyone even got up and had a bit of a dance, the atmosphere was very lively.
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