Thursday, 6 February 2014

Mae Ping

I’ve done lots of food/restaurant posts I’ve noticed, so here’s another one to add to the pile :) I will be doing some fashion posts soon. Between work and more work, I just haven’t found the time to play dress up and take pictures... but I promise I will very soon!!
Valentine’s Day usually means watching a film and ordering a takeout... but we decided we’d go out this year. We celebrated V’day early because Elliot will be working. We went to a local Thai restaurant last week in South Croydon called "Mae Ping".

We had a selection of starters which were very tasty. For my main, I had "Kaeng Kua Ped", which was duck in red curry sauce, Thai sweet basil, cherry tomatoes and pineapple chunks. The duck was tender and delicious (especially with the sauce). I never used to be a fan of duck, but now I love it.
Elliot had "Jarn Lon Talay", which came out sizzling on a hot plate. It was a variety of seafood with lemongrass, Thai herbs and white wine. I had managed to steal a prawn from him whilst his head was turned and it was very yummy... Go for this if you love spicy food.
The service was very quick and the waiter and waitress that served us were very friendly. After the restaurant, Elliot and I went to a old pub next door for a chat before heading home.

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