Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Where Have You Been All My Life?

Hey My Lovelies,

So I've just discovered Gu and I'm in love! Okay, I didn't "just" discover Gu, I've seen it on the shelves, but it always looked too pricey for me. It was down from £3.59 to £2.50... so I thought why not. I got the lemon cheesecake... To be honest, I was more attracted by the packaging than the dessert itself. It's pretty cool and different, I like how it's not your typical dessert packaging. The dessert itself came in a cute glass jar, which means I didn't have to dirty a plate!

This is absolutely yummy! It was creamy, the biscuit base was thick and crunchy, which is important to me when it comes to cheesecakes. This is just delicious.  If you're late like me in trying this, you need to hurry down to your local supermarket and grab a box! Let me know if you like or if there are any other desserts you'd recommend.


  1. Looks like we've both recently started blogs :) You have to try the Gu chocolate souffle, I'm addicted. That reminds me I need to buy some more...

  2. Ah cool! What's your blog link? I'd love to check it out and follow. And thanks for the follow on twitter by the way :) Yeah, I might have to go to Gu rehab, I'll definitely try the choco soufflé next! Thanks for checking out my blog :)