Sunday, 2 March 2014

Camden Shopping

Hey My Lovelies,
So March has arrived! Only seems like yesterday I was celebrating the New Year - Time flies when you're having fun. Yesterday was such a good day weather-wise... it was still cold of course, but sunny. I'm really beginning to feel in the springtime mood and definitely can't wait for summer.
As the weather was looking good, yesterday I decided to take a trip to Camden for some shopping. I don't think I've been to Camden in about a year, I always used to love it for its unique markets and lively atmosphere... And I'm so glad to say it hasn't changed a bit. My favourite part of Camden is the Stables, I love all the little vintage stuff you can find in there. I picked up 2 quirky necklaces and some round sunglasses.
Anyway, hopefully the weather will be nice for the rest of the week. I'm off to Brighton for a few days, so  expect some posts about that. Have a lovely weekend all!


OUTFIT: Hat - New Look | Scarf - Hand-Me-Down from my mum | Coat - New Look | Jumper - Primark | Tights - Marks & Spencers | Boots - New Look | Silver Chain - Primark | Rings - Accessorize


  1. Cool post! Camden is a great place to go in London, you can find so much!!! Xx

  2. Replies
    1. Aw thanks!! And thanks for checking out my blog :) x

  3. Beautiful lady! Nice post! :)

    Sarah x

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment, Sarah :)

      Ri x