Wednesday, 19 February 2014

What's in My Bag?

Hey my lovelies,

I've seen many bloggers do the "What's in My Bag?" post and it has always been very interesting to see what little things they keep in the dark depth. I really believe that you can tell a lot from a girl by what she keeps in her bag. With me, I'm  a "Chuck-it-all-in-and-go" type of girl, I have no order, which is probably why I forget so many things... usually my keys. So here is what is in my bag today....
My bag is from Accessorize. I had my eyes on it for ages and finally, when my last oversized brown bag broke, I got this one. I've never looked back, it's huge and fits all the essentials!

In my bag:
Kindle Fire HD - I'm currently reading a book called Gray Justice by Alan McDermott
Waitrose Receipt - I go there before work and get a chocolate torsade for breakfast (naughty, I know)
Mini Compact Mirror from Accessorize
Umbrella from Primark
Keys (Yes, I remembered them today)
Glasses Case
Ipod Shuffle & Charger
Wrigley's Extra Chewing Gum
Pink Card Case from Paperchase
2 Vaselines (for some strange reason)
Smashbox Lipstick - "Fig" (This is my default lipstick and it is always in my bag)
Bodyshop Lipstick - "Colour Crush" (This is the lipstick I chose to wear today)
Cocoa Butter Hand Cream
Iphone Charger (My iPhone would usually be in my bag, but I'm using it to take pics)
A pen (You never know...)
1 random hair pin
Loose change

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